Dial 9-1-1 for ALL Emergencies
(Fire, Accident, Health)

Where do my 9-1-1 Calls go?

Emergency 9-1-1 calls go directly to a dispatcher in Somerset.  They in turn make the most appropriate radio or telephone contact based on the nature of the emergency.

For Ambulance it is typically the Somerset Ambulance Service, dispatched out of Stoystown on Rt. 30.

Fire is typically Shanksville VFD.  

For Police:

At Indian Lake, it is the Indian Lake Police if they are on-duty.  If there is no local officer on duty they contact the Pennsylvania State Police.  If the state police cannot respond (they, too have limited off-hour coverage for the entire County) they will call Mayor Mike Miscoe, or his backup Councilman Charlie McCauley, who in turn will authorize an off-duty local officer to respond.

For Lake Stonycreek, all Police calls are typically handled by the Pennsylvania State Police.