Elections 2023

As a public service, any candidates for local or County office may offer introductions and biographical information to be posted or linked here.

The Official Notice of Election for Military and Overseas Voters has been released, providing a glimpse of what the November 7th ballots will look like.  CLICK HERE for a PDF copy.

Somerset County Commissioner [3 seats @4 year terms]

Pamela A. Tokar-Ickes – Democratic

James D. Shepley - Democratic

Brian K. Fochtman – Republican

Irvin H. Kimmel, Jr. – Republican


Indian Lake Borough Council [3 seats @4 year terms]

Pam Tadken, Incumbent Democrat 

Veil James, Republican and Democrat

David Perez, Democrat

Gary Lamolinara, Incumbent Republican

Bill Lewis, Republican

Indian Lake Borough Council [2 seats @2 year term to fill mid-term vacancies]

Paul Balint, Incumbent Republican Write-In 

No other candidates currently identified. 

Shanksville Stonycreek School District Board [5 seats @4 year terms]

Trisha L. Bozovich - Democratic/Republican

Daniel Kovacs - Democratic/Republican

Jana Lynn Musser - Democratic/Republican

Joseph S. Swank - Democratic/Republican

Shyla Jo Leipchack - Democratic

Ryan W. Weaver - Republican

Process for filling  the vacant Borough Council seats; condensed version for us dummies...

  • The 2-year term/positions did NOT appear on the May/Primary ballot.  Only the three 4-year terms appeared on the Primary ballot.
  • The 2 Republican and 2 Democrat candidate names appearing on the November ballots will be determined by the chairpersons of those parties in Somerset County.  The selection process is determined by those parties, not by the Borough, County or State.
  • Write-ins will be accepted in November for both of the 2-year positions, along with canditates chosen by the parties for those positions.  [There will be 6 boxes; 4 with names and 2 write-in lines with instructions to vote for no more than two]



ALL candidate info submitted, for any position, will be posted here upon receipt.  Send to Editor@indianlake.info