Elections 2023

As a public service, any candidates for local or County office may offer introductions and biographical information to be posted or linked here.

The SAMPLE Ballot has been released, providing a glimpse of what the November 7th ballots will look like.  CLICK HERE for a PDF copy.

Somerset County Commissioner [3 seats @4 year terms-Vote for 2]

Pamela A. Tokar-Ickes – Democratic

James D. Shepley - Democratic

Brian K. Fochtman – Republican

Irvin H. Kimmel, Jr. – Republican


Indian Lake Borough Council [3 seats @4 year terms-Vote for 3]

Pam Tadken, Incumbent Democrat 

Veil James, Republican and Democrat

David Perez, Democrat

Gary Lamolinara, Incumbent Republican

Bill Lewis, Republican

Indian Lake Borough Council [2 seats @2 year term to fill mid-term vacancies-Vote for 2]

Paul Balint, Write-In 

Lou LaMarca, Write-In

Donovan Pepley, Write-In

Richard (Dick) Stern, Write-In

Shanksville Stonycreek School District Board [5 seats @4 year terms-Vote for 5]

Trisha L. Bozovich - Democratic/Republican

Daniel Kovacs - Democratic/Republican

Jana Lynn Musser - Democratic/Republican

Joseph S. Swank - Democratic/Republican

Shyla Jo Leipchack - Democratic

Ryan W. Weaver - Republican





ALL candidate info submitted, for any position, will be posted here upon receipt.  Send to Editor@indianlake.info