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Day Trip - Johnstown Flood Museums
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Day Trip - Johnstown Flood Museums/Memorials

Learning about the Johnstown Flood seemed unimportant until two things happened; we moved to Indian Lake and we actually visited the Flood Museums.  There are two; one at the site of the devastation in Johnstown and one at the source; the Dam at South Fork near St. Michaels, about a 15-20 minute ride north-east. 

We recommend visiting the Johnstown Flood Museum (Johnstown) first (it opens at 10:00 a.m.) and then the Johnstown Flood National Memorial (actual dam) later in the day.  The memorial closes at 5:00 p.m.  Allow some time after that to visit both sides of what is left of the dam abutments, and nearby St Michael where many of the original lakefront "cottages" are now being refurbished on what is now "up on the hillside" as life has now overtaken what was once the lake over a century ago.

The dam at South Fork was a little smaller than the dam at Indian Lake, and the Lake itself likewise a bit smaller than Indian Lake in terms of both volume and acreage.  Only 16 cottages were ever built by the 70 or so members before the dam collapsed in 1889, less than 10 years into the community/club's development.  More than 2200 people were killed in this very avoidable disaster.   [Memorial]  [Museum]
Bob H.